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Fire Marshal Training Courses

Fire awareness training is an important part of your health and safety policy. It is essential for your staff to know what to do when a fire is detected and how to tackle a smaller fire with the correct equipment ensuring their safety and the safety of others. Our qualified training providers will also carry out Fire Marshal training and fire equipment familiarisation at your premises and award the status Fire Marshal to all attendees. 

We can also arrange for an onsite inspection of all your current fire fighting equipment and arrange for an annual maintenance programme to be put in place to ensure that your equipment is ready when needed. 

A typical Fire Marshal course for a minimum of 3 candidates will take around 2 hours and course for up to 12 candidates will take around 3 hours.

This can save valuable equipment and LIVES.

Course Type and Duration

Fire Marshal                                2 Hours

Up to 12 Trainees                       3 Hours

Evacuation Chair (12 Candidates)   2 Hours